About this blog

I started writing this blog in summer 2012. The original idea was that it would act as a resource for people thinking about applying to study Law at university. Prospective Law students have often asked me what they should be reading – to enable them to make up their minds about whether Law is the right course of them, to help them to start thinking about legal issues as they apply for a place to read Law, or simply to satisfy a curiosity about Law that they have already identified. If you fall into any of the above categories, then I hope you will find this blog helpful.

As the blog has devolved since I started writing it, I have also incorporated material aimed more directly at current Law students, including links to academic work that I (and others) have published elsewhere. Inevitably, the blog reflects my own areas of interest and expertise. There is therefore a focus on areas such as public law (constitutional and administrative law), human rights, and the relationship between (on the one hand) law and (on the other hand) politics and the way we are governed. I hope, therefore, that the blog will be a source of useful information and thought-provoking commentary for current law students who are studying (and for others who are interested in) public law generally. 


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