This site will stop working soon … start following Public Law for Everyone


As I explained in this post, I am no longer maintaining this blog. That’s because it has evolved into a new blog: Public Law for Everyone. The intended readership of the new blog is not limited to – but it certainly includes – those who may be thinking about studying Law at university. If you are in that position, then this post – linking to some videos I have recorded introducing the subject of Public Law – may be of particular interest. You will also find a resources section on Public Law for Everyone aimed at those who are thinking of studying Law. In addition, all of the content from Applying for Law has been copied across to the new blog.

The Applying for Law blog will become inactive (and I think inaccessible) shortly. If you are following it by email, you may therefore want to begin to follow Public Law for Everyone instead. You can sign up so that new posts are automatically emailed to you (via the “sign up for email updates” box on the right-hand side). In addition, or instead, you can follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading Applying for Law. I hope you will also find my new blog of interest.


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